Case Studies

At Alexander Marchant, we welcome our clients to bring their ideas to us. We will research and find the right manufacturer for your desired custom hardware, lighting or plumbing needs. We will do our best to find the right resource from our extensive contacts. Below is a sampling of custom projects from previous jobs. If you would like additional information or have questions regarding a custom look, we will be pleased to assist you.

Custom Sliding Door Pull

We had a client who really wanted to make a statement for her office doors. They had found a piece of cabinet hardware that they really liked, but needed something more substantial for the large sliding doors. We were able to use her cabinet sample as a prototype and have it made in solid bronze. The end result turned is stunning.

Custom Sliding Door Pull copy

Minimal Handle Set

The image below shows a custom handle-set that was designed with a minimal look for its inspiration. The client did not want a back-plate for their doors, so we had the custom brass lever made by Baltica. They were able to provide a rapid prototype for the client to approve and we were able to give them their desired look.

Custom Roseless Entry Set

Custom Bromford Drop Pull

In this particular case, the client was concerned that the drop on this pull would eventually show a mark on their cabinet over time. To resolve this issue, they asked if we could make the back-plate longer so that the drop would hit the plate instead. We were able to provide drawings and adjust the original design for their project needs.

Custom Bromford Image copy

Custom Center Door Knob

When Interior Designer, Tracey Overbeck-Stead, envisioned an over-sized center doorknob for her client’s front entry we were able to provide it. During our meetings, we were able to come up with a design that would work for their specific situation. We resourced a vendor who could create, from scratch, exactly what the client wanted. The end result was a high-end classic piece with heirloom quality.

Custom Center Door Knob

One-of-a-kind Pocket Door Pull

We had a customer who really liked a particular style pocket door pull, but they were not available in the bronze material needed for her project. We replicated the style of the pull by providing a sample and drawing of the flush pull and, ultimately, we were able to give the client exactly what they wanted.

Custom SVB Pocket Door Hardware

Tiger Stripe Plating for the Comal County Courthouse Renovation Project

At the end of the 19th and early part of the 20th century, a finish called Tiger Stripe or Zebra Stripe was all the rage in architectural hardware. When we were awarded the job to help with the renovation of the courthouse in Comal County, we had the task of replicating the existing Tiger Stripe finish that was already there.  Finding a plater for this particular finish job was difficult but not impossible and in the end, everyone was very pleased with the final results.

Custom Tiger Stripe Finishing

Custom Hook for the Comal County Courthouse

In the 192os, it was common to see hat racks around any courthouse building. Because wearing hats faded out of fashion after the 40s, the racks that housed these hooks were removed from the walls. Members of the Comal renovation team only had old black and white photographs that showed these hat racks with their butterfly shaped hooks to prove that they were a part of the original finish-out. Only by sheer luck, the construction crew was working in the basement one day and found a piece of the hook in a crawl space. We were asked to custom design a replica of the butterfly hook from photographs and this rusty piece of hardware.

Custom Comal Country Hook


Custom Door Hinge

In this specific situation, a client came to us with a door hinge they found at an antique store and fell in love with. The client felt this design was unique and would be perfect for their new home build-out . We submitted architectural drawings to Sun Valley Bronze Hardware and they were able to custom sand cast an almost identical design for this particular situation.

Custom Key For Antique Lock

This case study is another example of a client who desired a functional piece of hardware out of an antique store find. In this particular situation, the client found a lock and wanted it to be a working and functional piece of hardware for their home. In order to do this, we needed to have a custom key manufactured for the lock.

The lock and key were adjusted and made by local craftsman, Brooks Coleman. This task was arduous, but certainly not impossible.

The final result was exactly what the client was hoping for. In this endeavor, we learned quite a bit about the key making process.

Custom Frank Allart Floor Bumper

Here is an example of a custom floor bumper that was designed for a client by a sketch drawing they made. We work with many companies that can custom make a design with just a simple drawing. You do not have to be a licensed architect to get your point across.

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