This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions we are asked regularly. Do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.

Do you offer discounts?  

We offer discounts to the trade (architect, interior designer or builder)based on the manufacturer pricing.  Some manufacturers have pricing structures that are more restrictive than others.

Do you stock anything?

Most of our products are ordered directly for clients from the manufacturer. Due to the fact that we never seem to have the same order twice, we do not generally have a lot of stock in our inventory.  We do have limited stock of some product, but in general we have cabinet hardware, hinges and lots of odds and ends that are needed to complete residential door packages (i.e. rollercatches in all sizes, closet rods, cylinders of various lengths and doorbells).

What are your lead times?

Lead times for orders vary and depend on the manufacturer. Many manufacturers we work with keep stock and those items can ship quickly. Other manufacturers do not actually carry stock and their product is made to order. Those lead times can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks to 10-12 weeks. Please ask your salesperson about lead times.

Do you have an installer?

We have a list of installers we work with on a regular basis that we can provide to you.  They are independent contractors that we recommend. Once we provide you that information, you will work directly with the installer to make sure that your scheduling, quality and pricing considerations are met.

Can you do a walk-through of a project before the order is finalized?

We often like to do a “walk-though” of a project before an order is placed. Hardware orders can be quite cumbersome with their bits and pieces and we like to confirm counts and placement prior to an order.

Do I need to pay for my order all at once?

We require payment in full when orders are under the amount of $3000. If an order is over the $3000, we then require a 50% deposit to place the order. If a client wishes to have an order drop-shipped directly to them, the order will need to be paid in full.

Do I need an appointment?

We welcome everyone to drop by the showroom and browse around.  We highly recommend making appointments to our clients in order for them to receive the best quality service from our staff members. Appointments guarantee that a client’s needs will be met.

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