About Us

In 1997, Susan Alexander and Laurie Marchant opened the doors of Antiquity Workshop, a furniture restoration and repair shop.

While dealing with the restoration of historical furniture pieces at Antiquity Workshop, Susan and Laurie realized that the demand for authentic and interesting hardware was too great to ignore, and the two quickly became aware that there was a niche in the Austin market to fill. The burgeoning business of hardware led them to open a second business in 2002, and from there Alexander Marchant was born. The idea was simple: Alexander Marchant would provide an expert knowledge of their products combined with strong sense of service for their clients.

From humble beginnings, fueled primarily by a passion for historical preservation and their work with a diverse client base, Alexander Marchant has grown into a business that represents not only architectural hardware, but a varied range in specialty lighting and plumbing fixtures. We represent over 70 manufacturers and have developed strong working relationships with all of the vendors. Thanks to many loyal customers, business at Alexander Marchant continues to grow every year. We can honestly say that we pride ourselves in our ability to stay attuned to the products and services that are most important to our growing client base.

Alexander Marchant focuses on providing a broad range of hardware, lighting, and plumbing fixtures in countless styles for new construction or any remodel project. Our team can address each of your needs, from door entry and interior sets to plumbing fixtures, bath accessories and distinctive lighting for any room.